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Professional Rug Cleaning



Sydney’s Premier Rug Cleaning Service

Our teams’ accumulated knowledge and expertise span generations, going right back to the very beginning of the carpet cleaning industry in Turkey. So, you can be confident your rug’s in the best hands.

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Why and When to Opt for Professional Rug Cleaning

Understanding when your rug needs a professional deep clean can be challenging in everyday life. Based on our extensive experience, we recommend scheduling a thorough cleaning at least once every two years. To aid you in preserving the beauty and longevity of your rug, we’re providing additional information.

This will assist you in making an informed decision about the necessity and timing of professional rug cleaning.

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Why to clean?

  • Foot traffic on embedded dust/dirt/sand causes fibre breakage, resulting in worn/bald areas
  • Even when urine is immediately mopped up uric acid crystals attach to fibres causing reoccuring urine odours
  • Flattened pile due to furniture imprints
  • Dust accumulation even in unused spaces
  • Build up of everyday stains become ingrained
  • Absorbed odours (pets/damp/cooking smells from open plan living)

When to clean?

  • Feels hard/stiff underfoot
  • Embedded grains of dirt/sand between fibres
  • Spills/stains/watermarks
  • Ingrained odours (e.g. urine/staleness/cooking smells)
  • Dull colours
  • Flat pile
  • Mould/dampness

Our Cleaning Process Uses Pure Rainwater For Extra Care

We only use pure rainwater during the washing and rinsing part of the cleaning process. This extra level of care protects delicate rug fibre and dyes (particularly vegetable dyes) from the corrosive nature of chlorine in tap water. It’s also a more resourceful choice.

Not all cleaning methods are the same. Some can permanently damage your rug or worst case your health. Our meticulous cleaning processes even utilise pure rainwater over tap water to prevent rug fibres and dye-fading from the corrosive nature of chlorine in tap waters added chlorine. It’s also better environmentally.

Once the cleaning method has been determined, each rug goes through a variation of the following 8 process:



We separate the handmade from the machine-made rugs and carpets. This is vital as handmade rugs are more sensitive and need extra care when being cleaned.


We check for past repairs or restoration work – as well as any current damage – to minimise the risk of any further damage.

Dust Removal

We remove dust and foreign objects from the rug using a Rug Dusting Machine* (if suitable). Alternatively, we use specialised vacuum cleaners.

Colour Testing

We then test for ‘colour fastness’. If the colours are found to run, we use special methods.


We then check to see if there are areas that are more soiled or stained than others. If necessary we pre-treat those areas before the actual cleaning begins. Please note, some stains like pet stains may not be able to be removed as the process involved may permanently change the colours of the wool.)

Smell Neutralisation

We neutralise smells and pet odours using products that will not damage the rug or carpet.

Hand Washing

Our secret to the purest rug wash is Rain Water. Rugs and carpets are then hand washed. We use pure rainwater to remove the risk of the chlorine in tap water from affecting fibres and fading dyes (particularly vegetable dyes) while also being more sustainable. The specific washing method is chosen depending on the rug type, age, colour fastness and thickness.

Spin & Dry

After hand washing we remove the excess water using a special Rug Spin Dryer. The rug is then moved to our drying room where the rug’s moisture levels are tested each day until completely dry.

The Rug Dusting Machine gently at work.

The Rug Duster vibrates soil & sand from the fibres.

Gently fibre washing for appropriate rugs.

Spaced drying rooms for faster drying.

Hand Rug Wash

When it comes to the hand rug wash, We are the experts you can trust. Washing a rug by hand is a process, which if done correctly, can return your rug or carpet close to its former glory. It’s an art form, not a mechanical process, which should only be done by experts who know how to avoid damaging your rug.

At the Rug Experts we have the experience to ensure your valuable rug is handled the way it should be. That it is cleaned professionally and with the utmost care.

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Knowledge Is Key

Simply put, you should only leave your rug in the hands of a knowledgeable cleaner with a high skill set. Every style of rug or carpet has its own washing or caring technique, and things like colour, texture, wool blend and age need to kept in mind. If these things are ignored, then the wash can affect the colour and even damage the wool.

We’ve studied, researched and most importantly, cleaned thousands of rugs over the years. When you deal with us you can be assured that we keep all of the above in mind to ensure your valuable rug is hand washed correctly, that colours won’t run into each other or fade.

Before we get to the Art of the Hand Wash process, we respect the fibres of your rug by freeing them from all the ground up dirt, dust and sand stuck in the foundation of the rug and in the fibre twists.

The Art of The Hand Rug Wash

The hand rug wash is a delicate process that should only be handled by experienced professionals. Our family business has been doing this for years, hand washing rugs and carpets on a daily basis.

We use a specially prepared natural shampoo that won’t damage the wool or alter the rug’s colours. Regular detergents should not be used under any circumstances. We also take into consideration the amount of water used during the wash. This can have a direct impact on the longevity of the rug or carpet.

Drying Is Important Too

Once the wash is complete, the drying process is one of great importance. If the excess water isn’t removed quickly, it can cause the colours to run. The most effective way of drying rugs quickly is Spin Drying them. This is done in a custom-built dryer that removes all excess water and checks the run-off at the same time to ensure it’s clean. If necessary additional water is added to rinse the carpet.

Alternatively, the rug or carpet can be taken to a warm room (not in direct sunlight) and dried by fan, forced ventilation or even dehumidifiers if needed.

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