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Who are 'the rug experts?'

We are not simply The Rug Experts by name, but by nature too.

We are a family-run business with over 75 years experience.

The Rug Experts offer a range of rug cleaning and rug maintenance services based on knowledge and expertise acquired over generations.

Our family history is intertwined with the trade, working across Asia, Europe and Australia to deliver unrivalled service to rug and carpet owners everywhere. Our passion is our work.

We are proud to be the specialist rug cleaners and repairers of choice Sydney-wide.

How often should a rug be cleaned?

This depends on the rug’s location and how the space is used. High-traffic areas such as hallways, entrances and open-plan living spaces—where cooking, eating and drinking take place, require the most frequent deep cleaning and protection, and we recommend cleaning every year.

How do I remember when I should clean my rug?

Set an anniversary date for your rug’s clean.

That may be the 1st day of Spring, or the first week of the year. Whatever date / day of the year that suits you and your household.

We can also help you schedule a clean by having an alert in our database for you. You will then receive an SMS or an email from us, and we can come and pick up and drop your rug back to you, clean and fresh.

How long does a rug cleaning service take?

Within 2 weeks. If you need your rug sooner please contact us and we may be able to arrange this.

When should I clean a rug myself?

Small spills and light soiling can be blotted out before becoming stains. Red wine, coffee, tea and soft drinks, however, can be more challenging and may require specialist rug cleaning. Superficial dirt can be vacuumed out if done regularly.

When should I go to a specialist rug cleaner?

Rugs with heavy staining, soiling from ingrained dirt, water damage, mould, urine, or bad smells, will require a professional rug cleaning service. Tackling these issues with the wrong products and methods may cause further damage and reoccurring odours.

What’s the difference between a carpet cleaning service and a rug cleaning service?

The fundamental difference is the depth of the cleaning process.

Carpet cleaning services have to operate on-site as carpets are fixed in place. This limits the thoroughness of the cleaning process, leaving embedded dirt that can quickly resurface once dry.

A professional rug cleaning service transports rugs to a cleaning facility. Here they are cleaned and sanitised with specialist equipment, which includes being fully immersed in water to extract ingrained dirt and odours, followed by a thorough drying process.

Disadvantages of using a carpet cleaning service for your rugs

  • Rugs can only be superficially cleaned due to on-site equipment limitations
  • Carpet cleaners aren’t necessarily experts in specific rug fibres and dyes which could lead to fibre damage, bleaching or colour bleeding
  • Rugs are left damp and logistically difficult to dry making them susceptible to mould and warping

What’s the difference between a carpet cleaning service and a rug cleaning service?

  • Off-site cleaning facilities with free pick-up and delivery
  • Knowledge of varied rug fibres
  • Experts in stain and odour removal
  • Specialised equipment including:
    • Amazing ‘Dusting’ machines to remove dust, sand and dirt from the fibres
    • Giant water bath for deep cleaning and sanitisation
    • Centrifugal machine to remove 90% of water for rapid drying and reduced risk of mould damage
    • Drying racks to maintain rug form
    • Purpose-built drying room with fans and climate controls to ensure low humidity and constant air circulation.

Can you actually get rid of urine stains and smells?


This type of accident is prevalent in households with pets and young children, therefore we’re extremely experienced in cleaning, sanitising and deodorising urine-affected rugs. The process fully eradicates any recurring odours and stops spreading germs and bacteria to your family and home.

What if my rugs are actually too dirty to clean?

We’ll be able to give you a good indication of how well your rug will emerge after our inspection. Sometimes rugs are too damaged or too soiled to bring back to life—in these rare cases, we’ll let you know straight away.

How effective are off-the-shelf cleaning products?

Most cleaning products are sufficient for small spills and spot cleaning but can become costly if needed for large areas. Think of them as a quick fix, not a long-term solution.

We frequently fix rugs that have been damaged by the wrong DIY cleaning products or from over-using them. The reality is deep cleaning and sanitation aren’t possible without full water immersion in a specialised cleaning facility.

How can I keep my rugs in good condition between cleans?

Between professional deep cleans, rotate your rugs yearly to evenly distribute surface wear and tear (e.g. foot traffic) and regularly vacuum.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards and direct deposit to our bank account.