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The Rug Experts by name & by nature.

A family-run business with over 75 years experience, The Rug Experts offer a range of rug cleaning and rug maintenance services based on knowledge and expertise acquired over generations.

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Rug Cleaning

The wealth of knowledge and expertise our team possesses extends across generations, dating back to the origins of the carpet cleaning industry in Turkey. This deep-rooted experience assures you that your rug is in the most capable hands.


Rug repairs and restoration ought to be entrusted to experienced craftsmen—individuals who have not only studied the traditional methods but also have honed their skills through many years of implementing these intricate processes.

Rug Hand Wash

Hand-washing a rug is a meticulous process that, when executed properly, can restore your rug or carpet to a state nearing its original splendor. This task is an art form rather than a mechanical process and should be entrusted exclusively to experts skilled in avoiding any damage to your rug.

A Professional Art, Passed Through The Generations

For the delicate tasks of rug repairs and cleaning, it is essential to rely on artisans who have spent years perfecting their craft.

Our Cleaning Processes Are Steeped In Historical Best Practices



We begin by assessing the fibres and dyes of your rug to recommend the most suitable cleaning options tailored to its specific needs.

Dusting, Washing & Drying

Our process starts with the gentle removal of dry, heavy soil and sediment deeply embedded in the rug fibres. We then select the most appropriate washing method for your rug, immersing it in a specialised bath for thorough cleaning. Following the wash, your rug is delicately spun in a custom-designed machine to efficiently remove excess water.


To ensure optimal drying, we meticulously comb the fringes and fluff out the fibres, preserving the rug’s integrity and appearance.

We are experts in cleaning & repairing all rug and kilim styles & makes.

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Our Amazing Clients

We pride ourselves on attentively listening to our clients’ needs, making us the preferred specialists in rug cleaning and repairs throughout Sydney.

Paul Angell
Paul Angell
True tug experts! Terrific service.
sam werner
sam werner
Very happy with the service and the clean, great job.
Katie Dillon
Katie Dillon
The Rug Experts cleaned my rug beautifully, and offered fantastic service. They collected the rug and then delivered it to my new address after moving house, with no trouble.
Angelo Araullo
Angelo Araullo
Efficient responses and collected rug same day. Transparent pricing and timeframe. Would recommend
Nicole Vatselias
Nicole Vatselias
Ali and the team from The Rug Experts do an incredible job! All our rugs including our vintage pieces have been cleaned / washed a number of times and always come back looking brand new! We’ve recommended The Rug Experts to a number of friends and will continue using their services. Nicole, Vaucluse.
Elaine McTaggart
Elaine McTaggart
I've been using the Rug Experts for over 20 years and cannot praise them highly enough. Their personalised service, pick up and repair service are second to none. Rugs are always fabulous when they are returned. With two dog traffic for over 14 years my rugs have been washed many times and have always come back like new. Ali and the team are such amazing people to deal with. I always recommend them to my friends who have been equally impressed. Elaine - Wentworth Falls
Larissa de Szoeke
Larissa de Szoeke
Excellent service and results - sent three rugs for cleaning and was delighted with the whole process. Thank you Susie for your clear communication and follow up.
Janette Durand
Janette Durand
Cleaned and repaired two Persian rugs. Fantastic result. The colours are back and as vibrant as when we first bought them. They are soft and look just great. The team were responsive and Ali's knowledge of rugs is profound. Thank you
Nicole Siddique
Nicole Siddique
The team have done a wonderful job on our carpets (3 sent for cleaning to date). They have been revived beautifully and even the melted wax which I thought damaged one of the rugs has been restored. I was hesitant to send our rugs away for cleaning but am glad I found The Rug Experts. A professional group who are knowledgeable about Persian rugs - I would recommend them to anyone looking for a gentle and effective clean.

The Beautiful World of Hand Made Rugs

Our showroom in Earlwood showcases an array of the world’s most breathtaking rugs. Featuring handcrafted silk, wool, and cotton rugs from Turkey and Moldova, our space is adorned with these exquisite pieces, each intricately woven with unique stories and designs.

Our collection spans from modern and traditional to antique rugs, including special collection pieces. We are confident that among these treasures, you’ll find a rug to cherish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Rug Experts answers questions about home rug maintenance & choosing a rug cleaning specialist.

How often should a rug be cleaned?

This depends on the rug’s location and how the space is used. High-traffic areas such as hallways, entrances and open-plan living spaces—where cooking, eating and drinking take place, require the most frequent deep cleaning and protection, and we recommend cleaning every year.

How do i remember when i should clean my rug?

Set an anniversary date for your rug’s clean.

That may be the 1st day of Spring, or the first week of the year. Whatever date / day of the year that suits you and your household.

We can also help you schedule a clean by having an alert in our database for you. You will then receive an SMS or an email from us, and we can come and pick up and drop your rug back to you, clean and fresh.

How long does a rug cleaning service take?

Expect your rug to be in our care for 3-5 days. Factors such as dimensions, thickness, weather and workload can affect this, so please ask for timings when you request a quote.

When should i clean a rug myself?

Small spills and light soiling can be blotted out before becoming stains. Red wine, coffee, tea and soft drinks, however, can be more challenging and may require specialist rug cleaning. Superficial dirt can be vacuumed out if done regularly.

When should i go to a specialist rug cleaner?

Rugs with heavy staining, soiling from ingrained dirt, water damage, mould, urine, or bad smells, will require a professional rug cleaning service. Tackling these issues with the wrong products and methods may cause further damage and reoccurring odours.

Click here to view more of the rug experts frequently asked questions.

"These beautiful carpets woven with different designs and colours encompass a piece of history and culture."

– Ali Boge, Founder & Managing Director

Insurance Claims

Partnering with Australia’s leading insurance companies, we specialise in seamless solutions for insurance claims. From rug cleaning and restoration to precise valuations, our team will handle the complexities and ensure your rugs receive the care they deserve.

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Our cleaning processes are steeped in historical best practices.

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